Chapel History

Since 1980, for over 34 years, our community of Gnostics has been gathering for ritual, education and community in the Portland, Oregon parish of the Ecclesia Gnostica. We first incorporated as the Oregon Gnostic Society in 1981, with the Reverend Nestor Perala as the leader and coordinator of the organization in conjunction with a small board of officers under the direction of the regionary bishop, the Right Reverend Stephan A. Hoeller.

In 1984, we incorporated as a church under the name, the Queen of Heaven Gnostic Church and became a fully functioning parish of the Ecclesia Gnostica in Portland, with Sunday morning celebrations of the Holy Gnostic Eucharist, evening vespers services and regularly scheduled lectures on a wide range of topics relating to Gnosticism. On the 22nd of March, 1987, the Right Reverend Stephan A. Hoeller ordained Steven Marshall to the priesthood. Following his ordination, the Reverend Steven Marshall assumed the role of Priest in Charge of the Portland parish of the Ecclesia Gnostica, the Queen of Heaven Gnostic Church. For many years, he was ably assisted by the Reverend Ed Smith, who was a key figure and of instrumental importance in the history of our church.


On the 23 of October, 2011, the Right Reverend Stephan A. Hoeller with co-consecrator, the Most Reverend Rosamonde Miller, elevated Steven Marshall to the episcopate as an auxiliary bishop of the Ecclesia Gnostica. The Right Reverend Steven Marshall has continued to hold charge of the Queen of Heaven Gnostic Church with duly ordained priests and student clergy in Holy Orders to assist in the rituals and services of the Church

For a more detailed history and description of the Ecclesia Gnostica (Gnostic Church) as a whole, of which the Queen of Heaven Gnostic Church is a recognized parish, please visit the Ecclesia Gnostica page of the Gnosis Archive web site.